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We PAY YOU for waste metal from your door! All scrap metal wanted with top prices paid for copper, brass, lead, stainless steel and more.


You can count on HB Metals when it comes to recycling all your metal that you don't need. We're based in Stanley, Co. Durham, so whether you're based in Newcastle or Sunderland, or even further afield, we come straight to your door within the North England area. Be sure to check out the recycling services we provide below and get in touch if you have any questions regarding the information stated.

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In terms of ferrous metals, these would be materials such as iron, steel and cast steel. These type of metals would be particularly used in vehicles, stoves and cookers for example. These ferrous materials are also magnetic! HB Metals are always available to pick up your unwanted metals and take them off your hands to free up space within your house or garage. 

Get in touch today if you need any scrap metals removed from your home today!

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Non-ferrous metals are what we at HB Metals specialise in. These are metals that don't contain an iron compound. Examples of non-ferrous metals are bronze, copper, aluminium, brass and lead. Again, mentioning before that ferrous metals are magnetic, non-ferrous metals are of course not magnetic. Many cars fall under the non-ferrous category. Visit us today!

If you believe there are non-ferrous metals within your property, call HB Metals today and we will have it removed as soon as possible! Get in touch today!

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Call answered straight away. Item picked up straight away.

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Write us a message and leave your details below with your name, address and phone number. A small message of what you would like collected would be greatly appreciated. Based in Stanley, Co. Durham, we serve across all of North England to cover your needs!

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